Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Gladstone Sunday Runners Put in Hard Yards Then Zag on Pancakes

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Gladstone Sunday Runners Put in Hard Yards Then Zag on Pancakes

Article excerpt

ABOUT five years ago, during the time when I was really struggling to get my weight under control (and after doing two body building competitions as part of the journey), a mate handed me a book to read.

The book was Body for Life by Bill Phillips. It was all about transforming your body over 12 weeks, and it was about how to maintain it once you have achieved a healthy weight range.

Great book, great read, and a book that I highly recommend. The only thing I really remember about the book was that one of the key elements of his eating and training program, was that you had to have one meal (which I interpreted as one day) off the diet per week.

One CyzagCO day per week, where you throw your healthy eating out the window, eat some junk food, and feel good about it, because you have been good for six days. That zag day should also be the day where you do solid cardio training, to compensate for your eating.

Fast forward about six months after I read that book (2007), and body building had turned into running and triathlons as my sports of choice. Long runs (up to four hours, or more at times) became the norm for Sunday mornings. They still are. Sundays became zag days, and Cyeating with passionCO was the goal for every Sunday. Now, the Guinea family breakfast of choice for Sundays is pancakes, with all the lashings, of course.

So, for years now, my Sunday morning ritual has been to get up early, run for a long time, then come home and start eating, with pancakes for breakfast and everything else unhealthy on the menu for the day (I call it carb loading for the week).

Then, about 12 months ago, some of my running buddies started coming along on Sunday mornings, and all of a sudden, there were four or five people at our place for breakfast on Sunday mornings.

We had to start cooking the pancakes on Saturday, due to the amounts required to feed hungry runners. …

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