Body Image Can Take Away Libido; Ask Dr Sex with Gabrielle Morrissey

Article excerpt

MY WIFE is the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world to me. Yes she has gained quite a bit of weight over the last few years and she keeps complaining that she no longer fits into her pretty dresses, but I honestly donat see anything but my wifeas beauty, inside and out.

I am proud to be with her, and I desire her every day, still after over 15 years of marriage and three kids. We still have an active sex life but she has admitted to me that she often has sex without being in the mood for it, just to make me happy.

Since sheas told me that, I canat get it out of my mind and I no longer enjoy making love to her like I used to because I want us both to enjoy it and donat like the thought of her doing it just for me. Itas meant to be something we both share and love.

How can I get my wife to want to have sex with me again? Iave tried everything a even buying her sexy red lingerie!

Hereas a tip: have you tried buying her black lingerie? Or better yet, a gift certificate for her to choose her own special something that she is comfortable wearing and feels sexy and pretty in herself?

A little known fact from research is that red is the number one colour choice men prefer to see their female partner in, but black is the colour women choose to wear themselves when it comes to feeling sexiest.

A more well known fact is that poor body image can destroy libido. If a woman doesnat feel sexy, itas hard for her to get in the mood for sex. If she feels self conscious about her body, she will listen to the negative self talk about how unattractive she tells herself she is a in her own mind, or out loud. …


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