Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Owned by My Phone

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Owned by My Phone

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Byline: Jasmine Gardner

AN alarm sounds as I wander away from my desk towards the water fountain and I instantly swing back towards my seat. As the buuuu-buuuu-buuuu rings it is perfectly in tune with my colleagues' repeated pleas of "make it stop, make it stop, make it stop". I have no sympathy.

They put me up to this and I have been tolerating this incessant noise all weekend.

I have been testing the Proximo, a new device from technology accessories company Kensington which aims to prevent you from ever losing or forgetting your iPhone. I have it set to maximum sensitivity, so that in the event that, let's say, I stand up from my seat in a coffee shop, failing to realise that I have left my phone on the table, I can't get more than a couple of metres away before both my alarm and a little key fob attached to my clothes start making a racket. It works pretty well. I'm always leaving my phone on the sofa at home and then wondering where I have put it. No chance of that now. And I can imagine that the time some dodgy flower sellers came into the pub and swiped my smartphone off the table a couple of years ago they wouldn't have got very far had I had this bit of kit installed then.

Nevertheless, although I am now bound to a phone inseparably, it is frustratingly not my own. The Proximo has its limits of usefulness in the fact that it only works with the iPhone and I own an HTC One S, running Android. I had to borrow an iPhone5 from Vodafone for test purposes. Still, for Apple fanboys and girls I can see the benefit of having a device that will never let you lose your beautiful piece of hardware.

The accompanying app also has a map function to show you exactly where your phone was last seen -- although both iOS and Android users will be familiar with either Find My iPhone or Where's My Droid, which effectively already provide this function along with a method for remotely wiping a missing device without the need for purchasing any kind of key fob. …

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