Conflicts of Interest No More

Article excerpt

THE conflicts of interests which last week led to three councillors excusing themselves from the vote on the CBD Master Plan will not apply at tomorrow nightas extraordinary meeting.

Thatas not because of any change to the interests held by the councillors, but because the rescission motion is now about issues no longer restricted to the CBD.

Last Thursday councillors Denise Knight, Garry Innes and Bob Palmer removed themselves from the chamber due to the following conflicts:

Cr Knight a her husband owns a superannuation investment unit in the CBD;

Cr Palmer a with his wife he operates Antipode in a leased Harbour Dr shopfront;

Cr Innes a his wife operates a business outside the CBD which competes against CBD businesses.

Cr John Arkan, who runs a food stall at the weekly Growers Market, did not declare a conflict of interest, although he did declare a conflict when CBD issues were debated on December 13.

According to the councilas own Code of Conduct, aa conflict of interest exists where a reasonable and informed person would perceive that you could be influenced by a private interest when carrying out your public duty.a

Private interests can be of two types: pecuniary or non-pecuniary. …


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