Byron Bay Hotels Adopt Our Rules; in the Wake of Violence, Tough Regulations Introduce a Shots Ban and Shut-Out Laws

Article excerpt

Byline: Lachlan Thompson

ITaS not everyday you hear progressive Byron Bay striving to become more like Grafton, but when Byronas pubs moved to ban shots and introduce shut-outs they were copying policies Grafton already has in place.

After countless media reports of alcohol-related violence, the Byron Bay liquor accord introduced tougher regulations last week.

These included no jugs, shots or doubles at any time and a 1.30am shut-out.

Chairwoman of the Byron Bay Liquor Accord Hannah Spalding said she did not expect the changes would have a negative effect on tourism.

aThe negative press the town has been receiving would be more detrimental than the measures weave taken,a Ms Spalding said.

aThese problems are not unique to Byron Bay and are linked to a general increase in violence in society.a

Ms Spalding said often the people causing problems had been denied entry to a pub.

aA lot of these things happen when people are too drunk to be let in and they are walking around on the street,a she said. …


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