Would You Buy This Dress? Study Discovers If Thin Models and Celebrities Help Sell to Women

Article excerpt

ADVERTISERS who put images of female celebrities and models next to their products may spark scorn rather than shopping.

A new study from Warwick Business School has found women are turned off products placed next to aattractivea images of female models, but they are likely to buy the product if the images are used subtly instead.

The women in the study group were put through various experiments including being shown magazine pages that contained different advertisements, one of which was for a vodka. Some women received advertisements that did not feature an attractive model, other women received those that had a bikini-clad model on the opposite page to a picture of the vodka a meaning they were subtly exposed to the idealised female image a and the third had the attractive model on a whole page next to the vodka a meaning they were blatantly exposed to the idealised female image.

aAttractive female models and celebrities are routinely used in advertisements and yet previous research has shown mixed reactions; some have found the effect to be positive, while others have found it to be negative,a said Dr Tamara Ansons, assistant professor at Warwick Business School. …


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