Facing Up to Life with a Bit of Help from the Surgeon

Article excerpt

IF we could bottle the water from the fountain of youth we would never worry about feeling ugly or growing old.

But in reality there is no such fountain of beauty, however we do have plastic surgeons, like Bryan Mendelson, to lift, smooth and boost our appearance.

Dr Mendelson, the past president of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said the face is powerful and is not just a physical space but a psychological one.

In his book In Your Face, he discusses the history of plastic surgery and the 500 years of the face.

He said the book was written to break the myths of cosmetic surgery.

C[pounds sterling]We live our lives behind the most observed and intriguing part of the human body, the face.

C[pounds sterling]When I mentioned to people that I was writing a book about the face, they responded with great interest.

C[pounds sterling]But when I added that it was also about my specialty aesthetic plastic surgery, much of their interest turned to disappointment Co as if they already knew the end of the story.C[yen]

Dr Mendelson said that the face does matter and therefore plastic surgery also matters.

C[pounds sterling]Of all the surgeries, it is truly about people.

C[pounds sterling]Plastic surgery deals with the very soul of the patient, which is why it has been classed C[pounds sterling]surgery of the psyche. …