Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

The Fast Way to Fat Loss

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

The Fast Way to Fat Loss

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Byline: Helen Hawkes

FAD diets come and go. The latest is the Fast Diet, also known as the 5:2.

My girlfriend is on this diet and she is thin as a whippet, so I can say that it probably works. But I am pretty sure sheas also tried The Zone Diet and the Israeli Diet with weight loss results, because anything that involves cutting kilojoules trims excess fat.

The Fast Diet involves intermittent fasting. Two days a week you severely restrict kilojoules, subsisting on vegies and broths and similar low-kj foods. So itas not for the faint-hearted.

But the benefits include not kilojoule counting the rest of the time a although, obviously, not going crazy with high-fat foods a and, possibly, longevity.

Scientists have long been studying how eating limited kilojoules can add years to our lives.

Research results have been mixed.

In 2009 a study that began in 1989 at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Centre found that kilojoule restriction did extend life in rhesus monkeys.

Scientists found that 13% of the dieting group died from age-related causes, compared with 37% of the control group.

However, a 25-year study published in Nature journal in 2012 was not as rosy.

Rhesus monkeys fed 30% less than control animals did not live longer.

Instead, said scientists, genetics and dietary composition matter more for longevity than a simple kilojoule count.

The research was designed by the National Institute on Aging in Maryland.

Authors of The Fast Diet, Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, say the benefits of this eating plan are many fold.

These include a reduced risk of diabetes and improved mood.

The authors also suggest that: aOver a period of weeks you can expect your BMI, your levels of body fat and your waist measurement to gradually fall. Your cholesterol and triglyceride levels should also improve. …

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