Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Going Meatless; Could It Be the Key to Sustainable Weight Loss?

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Going Meatless; Could It Be the Key to Sustainable Weight Loss?

Article excerpt

Byline: Rebecca Davis

THE thought of no meat, no eggs, no milk or even honey is hard for many of us to imagine.

But it could be the key to losing weight, looking younger and a longer life according to Gladstone nutritionist Jacqueline Smith.

C[pounds sterling]The benefits of a vegetarian or meat free diet include a longer life with vegetarians on average living seven years longer than meat eaters and vegans living up to 15 years longer,C[yen] she said.

C[pounds sterling]A vegetarian or vegan diet is high in antioxidants because of the high fruit and vegetable content.

C[pounds sterling]Antioxidants protect our cells from damage by cancer causing free radicals, such as pollution and smoking, and help reduce the signs and effects of aging.C[yen]

The twenty-eight year old made the decision to become vegetarian about eight years ago while she was studying nutrition at university.

C[pounds sterling]I met an amazing and inspiring lady that is now one of my best friends,C[yen] she said.

C[pounds sterling]The foods she cooked and prepared were vastly different from anything I had tasted before.

C[pounds sterling]Whole food, prepared from scratch and mostly vegetarian.C[yen]

And she never looked back.

C[pounds sterling]It was exciting, learning a new way of cooking and discovering new foods and ingredients,C[yen] she said.

C[pounds sterling]I also started feeling much better, fuller of energy and more CyaliveCO when eating this way.C[yen]

Jacqui did her research before going C[pounds sterling]full vegoC[yen] and read as many books on the topic that she could get her hands on.

In the end, her decision had a lot to do with health and sustainability but Jacqui said her biggest motive was about animal cruelty and factory farming.

C[pounds sterling]I am a huge animal lover and could not bear the thought of an animal dying or being hurt for me to enjoy a meal,C[yen] she said.

Six months ago, Jacque decided to go another step further and become vegan Co which means cutting out absolutely all animal products.

She said staying true to this strict and limited diet was not as hard as you would think. …

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