Man of Contradictions; Seanna Cronin Speaks to Screenwriter Filling in Blanks of Leonardo Da Vinci,COs Life in TV Drama

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SUPERHERO reviver David S Goyer turns his attention to a historical figure in the new FX drama Da VinciCOs Demons.

The screenwriter is best known for breathing new life into Batman as the co-writer of Christopher NolanCOs Dark Knight trilogy and has also reimagined the man in the red cape in Warner BrosCOs upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel.

But in his latest TV project, Goyer has depicted famed Renaissance inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci as a brash 25-year-old making a name for himself in 15th century Florence.

Equal parts Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark, GoyerCOs Da Vinci is a knowledge-hungry genius who has yet to find his place in the world, earning as many enemies with his inventions as he does admirers.

Goyer tells The Guide about the inspiration behind his eight-part fantasy series and its star Tom Riley.

Q: Why depict Leonardo da Vinci as a young man?

A: ICOd done a lot of research and it turns out thereCOs about four years of his life, age 28 to 32, where thereCOs very little record of where he was or what he was doing and thereCOs also a lot of legitimate controversy and gaps about his life. No one, to this day, knows who his mother was. Most of the publicCOs perception of da Vinci is that self-portrait of him as an old man but he was meant to be an excellent swordsman, an excellent horse rider and then you read his journals Co the existing journals Co and itCOs clear that art was not what he really was interested in. He was a good artist, and this is my theory and other peopleCOs as well, but he really wanted to be a scientist.

Q: Da Vinci is known as the great artist behind paintings such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, but he invented a lot of weapons as well didnCOt he?

A: He did invent a lot of weapons. …


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