Outsourcing Makes Sense

Article excerpt

AS I write I am in Vietnam studying the effectiveness in outsourcing labour intensive services to Asia by Australian companies. As you know, it is already happening on a massive scale. Qantas has its planes serviced in Asia, Westpacas call centre is in the Philippines and Telstra phones you from India. Through clients, I have found that skill levels and capacities vary amongst Asian countries. For example, Filipinos appear to make good call centre personnel but when it comes to attention to detail in things like accounting, they have shortcomings. Certainly, they have a better command of English than most. Why I am in Vietnam is that I suspect that the Vietnamese might not be as adept as Filipinos in speaking our lingo, but they may well be far superior in attention to detail and in doing literal tasks like accounting and IT.

Why do I suspect this? Firstly, have you seen the backgrounds of our kids who win awards for science and mathematics? Many are kids with Chinese or Vietnamese heritage. Secondly, a client of mine moved their outsourced accounting and IT divisions from Manila to Saigon and they are stoked. …


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