Variety in Finance

Article excerpt


Recruitment editor

WHILE the continued digitisation of our lives means tasks that once required face-to-face interaction are now more often completed online, there remain industries where in-person interaction is still very important.

In theory, you could apply for and draw down a mortgage online, but thereas a lot to be said for sitting down with a finance expert and talking it through.

Given that, the finance sector will continue to offer challenging career options, in roles that canat realistically be replaced by software. Itas an industry that offers a diverse range of career paths.

Take, for instance, Rebecca Ball.

Rebecca is a branch manager with the Commonwealth Bank, and has spent more than 10 years in customer-service oriented roles, including managing five different branches.

She had previously worked in retail and hospitality, and found that experience and her natural people skills transferred smoothly into a customer service representative position with the bank.aWhenever you deal with people, itas always going to be different every day,a she said. …


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