Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

Love to My Mum, Via Medium

Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

Love to My Mum, Via Medium

Article excerpt

Byline: Beth Young

FOND MEMORIES: Journalist Beth Young as a baby with her mum Dot who died six years ago. Medium Charmaine Wilson says Dot was a alovely ladya.

IaVE forgotten what her voice sounds like. And sometimes Iall strain really hard to get it back. But itas gone.

Even though Iam a massive sceptic, thereas a tiny part of me that hopes Charmaine Wilson can page my mum.

You see, Charmaineas a medium and my mum a her name was Dot a has been dead for almost seven years.

Iad do anything to hear her voice again.

Charmaine answers the phone just a few rings in. She shooshes her dog, a shitzu, and launches into her story.

Her atalenta came to her later in life. She was 38 and had experienced more than her fair share of tragedy.

Charmaineas brother died in a motorbike crash when she was 17. And then her four-year-old daughter was killed in a drink-driving accident when Charmaine was 22.

The death of her much-loved grandad the next year sent Charmaine off the rails.

She became hooked on speed and her two sons were taken away from her. aRightly so,a Charmaine says now.

In her mid-30s, Charmaine began to hear voices. She thought it must be the drugs; that as soon as she got clean, theyad go away.

But the voices lingered.

aI thought, a[approximately]Oh my God, what do I do now? Have I gone mad?a. At least if youare off your head youave got an explanation for ita[degrees]a

I wonder if Charmaine can hear my mumas voice. And I also wonder if Charmaine might actually be off her head.

She asks who Iad like to contact. I tell her.

aI thought so,a Charmaine says.

Thatas certainly easy to say now.

Apparently, mumas tuned into the conversation.

aSheas definitely there a I can feel her,a Charmaine says. aYour mum, I have to say, was a lovely lady,a she adds. …

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