Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Make Way for Funeral Processions Using the Safest Way Possible

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Make Way for Funeral Processions Using the Safest Way Possible

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Byline: Sandy Strickland

Dear Call Box: What are you supposed to do when you are driving on a three-lane interstate and a police-escorted funeral procession comes onto the interstate? Stop, slow down, avoid the lane it's in, hang back, all of the above? It happened to me today, and clearly no one knew what to do. So some stopped, and some slowed down. What a dangerous mess. B.C.

Dear B.C.: Vehicles not involved in the funeral procession should yield the right of way by whatever safe means are available, said Shannon Hartley, spokesman for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. In short, vehicles should move to the nearest shoulder of the roadway, as soon as it is safe to do so, Hartley said.

The state statute says that pedestrians and operators of all vehicles shall yield the right of way to any vehicle which is part of a funeral procession being led by a funeral escort vehicle or funeral lead vehicle, regardless of any traffic control device or right-of-way provisions prescribed by state or local law, he said. When the funeral-led vehicle enters an intersection because of a traffic device or at the direction of police, the remaining vehicles in the procession may follow.

That's subject to the following conditions: They must yield the right of way to an approaching emergency vehicle giving an audible or visible signal, when directed by a police officer to do so and must exercise due care when in a procession.

Dear Call Box: My wife and I went to the Queen of Sheba restaurant on Atlantic Boulevard last week and found that it was closed with no sign saying they were moving anywhere. I wonder if you have heard if they are opening a place somewhere else. D.R.

Dear D.R.: A state database of restaurant licenses contained none on file for Queen of Sheba. Call Box tried calling the last known number for the restaurant but did not receive a response. …

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