Former Students Go Back to School

Article excerpt

Deanne Millard


MEMORIES of the old school days were rekindled for many past students, including Darcy Sexton, at the Maryvale State School centenary at the weekend.

Mr Sexton, who started Year 1 in 1930, was one of the oldest past students who attended the centenary and could vividly recall his early school years at Maryvale.

It was a time when the school consisted of one building with old wooden floors and the students had only slates and chalk to complete their schoolwork. It was also an era when strict teachers ruled the school, and instilled fear in the students, threatening them with the dreaded cane.

Despite this Mr Sexton said he enjoyed his school years because that was just the way it was back then, however he said children today are very privileged.

aItas great to see this country school not only survive, but to now offer modern teaching methods and have the equipment and supplies required for children to receive a good education,a he said.

aWe did not even have much to play sports with in my day, and had to use a tennis ball to play soccer and a baton off the veranda railings as a cricket bat. …


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