No Student or Teacher Data in Vitti Evaluation; Board Members Made Change Due to Superintendent's Start in November

Article excerpt

Byline: Khristopher J. Brooks

The new Duval County superintendent's evaluation will not be based on student and teacher data generated from this school year.

Instead, Nikolai Vitti's evaluation will be "qualitative," looking at things like his leadership and his relationship with the School Board. However, school data gathered over this summer will serve as baseline numbers to measure how far Vitti can move the district.

Board members made these decisions Monday during a workshop. Board Chairman Fel Lee said Vitti's tweaked evaluation stems from the fact that the superintendent started in mid-to-late November. It would have been unfair to evaluate Vitti in January, like previous superintendent had been, Lee said.

"This first one is going to be different than what we do in the future," Lee said to board members.

Vitti's evaluation tool contains six concentration areas: relationships with the board, stakeholder focus and satisfaction, staff and organizational relationships, educational leadership, fiscal leadership and personal qualities. Each concentration area has six to nine specific questions for a total of 49 items for board members to answer about Vitti's effectiveness. …


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