Great for the Diet; Elizabeth Chong Shares Her Latest Recipe Book Tiny Delights with Easy Eating

Article excerpt

THE Empress of Chinatown, Elizabeth Chong, is sharing her latest recipe book Tiny Delights with Easy Eating.

The book is her eighth and once again it reflects her passion for Chinese culture and cuisine.

As well as sharing some of the recipes from her book, Elizabeth has kindly given us 10 books to hand out to our readers in coming weeks.

Each week we will send a lucky winner an autographed copy of Tiny Delights.

The book feature more than 40 easy-to-cook delights and costs just $30 plus postage and handling.


Bean curd is such a valuable source of protein that it is sometimes called athe cow of Chinaa or apoor manas meata.

Its flavour is quite bland, but because of the smooth spongy texture it absorbs and complements accompanying flavours beautifully.

This light bean curd dish with a fish-and-dried-shrimp filling is a natural choice for the diet-conscious, as it is high in nutrition and flavour and low in cholesterol and fats. …


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