Taking the outside Inside; Expert Opinion from Total Gardens withPaul Worland

Article excerpt

WHEN growing plants indoors there are seven golden rules to follow: allow room to grow, have the right temperature, enough light, correct water, air, nutrients, and enough of your time. Letas take a look step by step.

Room to grow

All plants like to have room to grow. The above-ground portions of the plant need space so leaves can expand and carry out the job of making food. Roots also need room to grow. Plants growing in small spaces will have their roots crowded, and that results in smaller amounts of growth, so re-pot regularly.


Most plants like temperatures that we humans like. Some may like warmer temperatures while others may prefer cooler temperatures for best growth. It is always good to know where plants come from so you can make them feel at home. Most plants like to have cooler temperatures at night and donat like to be in a drafty spot.


Plants grown indoors like bright light. Windows facing the north or east have the best light. Try to place the plants close to the window to take advantage of all the light. The further away from the window, the darker it becomes. A plant will tell you when it isnat getting enough light, because its stems will be thin and it will lean toward the light. If you donat have a bright window, try using grow lights. Remember to have the light about 15cm above the plants and leave it on for 14 to 16 hours each day.


Water is important in the plantas ability to make and move nutrients. Without water or with too much water, a plant dies. For this reason, watering is an important part of plant care. …


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