Enough Is Enough ... Ita[euro][TM]s a Dark Side to an Otherwise Picturesque Community A[euro]" the Taboo and Often Under-Reported Crime of Domestic Violence. TARA MIKO Reports

Article excerpt

MAY is the month the State Government has declared a spotlight will be turned on the ugly crime to highlight it doesnat have to be that way for the thousands of victims.

Toowoomba Crime Prevention sergeant Tony Rehn said the cityas domestic violence statistics were about average, but conceded that was still too high.

aIn Toowoomba, we are in good standing for a city of this size,a he said.

aIt is neither higher nor lower for Queensland.a

Domestic violence was shedding its taboo blanket and more people were talking about it, he said, which meant police were better able to deal with cases when reported.

aWe are starting to realise it is unacceptable and it is a crime,a he said.

aItas a generational change, and has to do with the changing attitudes towards womenas rights as well.a

Gender issues and sexual orientation also impacted the degree in which victims will report cases to the authorities.

aIt is a pervasive crime affecting the whole spectrum of community and is not restricted to just women and children, there are men victims, in all forms of relationships,a he said.

aIn a gay relationship, itas almost shame to say youare firstly in a gay relationship but then to say you are a victim of a gay lover.

aItas a really tricky thing.a

Sgt Rehn outlined that the perception of domestic and family violence only being assault does not encompass the controlling, intimidation and harassment which constitutes the bulk of abuse. …


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