Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Little Princesses Show Our PM the Way to Behave; Columnist

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Little Princesses Show Our PM the Way to Behave; Columnist

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Byline: Tom Gutteridge

IT was well past 1am when we heard the kerfuffle. There was a patter of little feet and a lot of giggling and shushing. Then a thump and more hushing.

I crept on to the landing. The light was on in Izzy's room, so I silently pushed the door ajar and peeked inside.

The two little girls were walking round the room holding hands. Izzy was wearing a bright blue tutu and her four-year-old friend Sophie was dressed as Rapunzel in a full-length golden gown.

Both wore crowns on their heads and carried toy puppy dogs. They each had a pink Peppa Pig blanket wrapped around their shoulders like a cloak.

The room had been turned upside down and all the stuffed toys were on the floor. It was as if the room had been hit by a stuffed toy tornado.

I opened the door further and, as it creaked, they shrieked in surprise.

Then both fell silent, waiting for the eruption. I just stood blinking in sleepy disbelief.

"Look, Daddy! We're insible," she said. Then she added: "I'm not going to take this insible cloak off, ever."

I melted. You couldn't be cross, could you? They'd been on a secret expedition downstairs, they said, and worn the invisible cloaks so that Poncho the cat wouldn't see their toy puppies.

Except the cat immediately woke up and scared them, so they dashed back upstairs and slammed the door shut.

"If you're invisible, then I won't see you getting back into bed now, so I'm going to close my eyes and then when I open them you'll both be fast asleep."

The girls screamed with laughter and scooted for the two mattresses laid out side by side on the floor - real beds had been scorned for their first ever sleepover.

I have never seen my daughter so excited. The problem with being an only child (she may be my fifth, but the age gap is so great, her elder siblings are too big to join in her childish games) is that she doesn't really get the chance to interact with her peers very often. …

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