Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Parties Take Firm Grip on Us

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Parties Take Firm Grip on Us

Article excerpt

ARE you sick of hearing about the Budget?

Iave listened to both sides and gritted my teeth as each tries to score points, promising more for less or vice-versa.

Iam much like everyone else when it comes to sorting out the economic realities from the spin and the hype. The real problem is we have to choose a new government come September but donat have access to the data behind the proposed decisions.

We probably wouldnat have more than a superficial understanding of it if we did.

Truth to tell, both sides have us by the short hairs when making the Budget Speech or the Speech in Reply.

Was it a Swan Song telling us like it is; jobs, growth, education, disability support, revenue hits, governing for all Australians etc?

Or was it an Abbott, oozing care, concern and a better way; no carbon tax, no hits to the back pocket (well, not everybodyas), righting the fiscal wrongs of an incompetent government, not spending money we donat have etc?

I donat know because I donat know who to believe, and Iam not sure I can find out what it is I need to know, before I know who to believe.....

Itas that old thing about Risk. Itas what you donat know that you donat know that can really stuff you.

So, despite being a former university-type person and therefore prone to give advice whether asked or not, I have no advice to offer.

I can however tell you a few facts about the current Federal Parliament, the 43rd since Federation and the first hung Parliament in the House of Reps since 1940.

These are the people chosen by us to make decisions on our behalf in the spirit of the so-called Westminster System.

It includes the Government formed by Julia Gillard in response to an invitation from the Governor-General. Currently she has a Cabinet of 20 ministers, including herself. …

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