Vomit Caps off Week of High Drama

Article excerpt

IF YOUaD been in the car park at the Mater on Tuesday, you would have seen me. I was the heavily pregnant woman lying on the ground crying, looking under cars for a lost parking ticket.

Remember when I lost my keys? Mild, in comparison.

Letas backtrack a little.

The Child Genius turns 16 this week. She is marking this auspicious occasion by wearing pyjamas all day, communicating in grunts and eye rolls and being a difficult and obnoxious human being/sloth creature to live with.

The Bubble Boy has been vomiting after pretty much every meal for three weeks. So he is rarely getting through a full day of school and we are waiting for his paediatric gastroenterologist appointment in a week or so.

The She Devil is doing quite well since we started getting her a bit of extra help, but still needs to see a developmental optometrist, which is good because that was the only square we hadnat filled in on our specialist Bingo card.

There was a problem with having our ADSL connected and someone watched videos on the iPad while it was connected to 3G, resulting in a $600 excess data charge.

The cleaners we hired to do our bond clean took our $700 and then didnat actually clean our house.

So the past few weeks have seen a slightly enhanced level of stress. A amoments away from wearing a dressing gown stuffed with rabbits and a swimsuit to school pickupa level of stress. …


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