Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

Good Gear vs Gadgets

Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

Good Gear vs Gadgets

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THE rise of television chefs and the popularity of reality cooking shows has seen many of us rush back into the kitchen as we exchange easy takeaway meals for top notch restaurant quality creations.

Carried away by an enthusiasm to channel the inner master chef, we often stock up on the latest kitchen trends and gadgets, thinking we have to look the part to produce five-star meals.

Somewhere kitchen gadget manufacturers are rubbing their hands in glee as we fill the utensil drawer with incredulous inventions that will probably never make a second outing.

Those four-in-one avocado peelers and mashers are great a if you have to prepare 100 avos a day.

And have you seen those colourful banana slicers and corn pluckers?

Whatas wrong with just eating your food in a conventional fashion?

Good chefs and cooks will tell you delicious food is about passion, fresh ingredients and a handful of the best-quality tools you can afford a not gimmicks that will soon be relegated to the back of the kitchen cupboard.

Hereas our list of the essentials we canat do without, ones that will truly make your life a bit easier.

We all know kitchen knives, really good ones, can be rather expensive but Iam afraid you will have to bite the bullet because this is probably the best cooking investment you will make.

You donat have to get a set a just one non-serrated cookas knife 18a21cm will do.

The Cuisineart 20cm Cookas Knife (from $49.95) and the Victorinox Chefs Knife (from $134) are just two choices.

A high-grade non-stick frying pan would be next on my list. Sure you can buy a cheap $10 one but they are more likely to warp, burn and are usually require more than a generous dose of oil to be anywhere close to non-stick.

Most top chefs have their own range of cookware and we like Jamie Oliveras Tefal 26cm Stainless Steel Copper Frying pan from $199. …

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