Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

City ,Cytight,CO for Rental Properties; Market Is Restricted

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

City ,Cytight,CO for Rental Properties; Market Is Restricted

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Byline: Chris Calcino

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The tightness of the rental market proves we do not have an oversupply of housing stock in SE Qld. This is a far cry form the situation in the USA, where the building levels were insane and which was instrumental in the huge price crashes that happened there.


We have just recently moved and it was hard!!! DoesnCOt help having some rather dodgy agents out there... Took us many weeks of applying, looking and driving all over the countryside before we finally succeeded. It's worse than job hunting!!

Kelly Kirkwood

I found the move here to Toowoomba very easy; we moved three months ago it only took a week to find a nice rental home in an area we are happy with. I guess we just got lucky.

Vanessa Jackman

Last year it took 3 months for me to be approved being a single person with a disability to find a real estate that would give me a go and in my price range.

Belinda Dunstan

I recently worked in real estate as an application processor. The amount of applications per house was astronomical. 50 applications on the one property was very common. Sometimes they would hit 100 applications per house.

Shannon Ivy Margaret Highland

Moved here 12 mth ago looked at 3 homes applied for one got it a day later now moving to Brissy and same thing no issues at all. I have 5 kids 2 dogs and a lizard. Never had any issues in all my yrs of renting and I am an at home mum

Hailee Stephens Gillan

The trick is to have your application filled out BEFORE you view the house. IF you like the house, hand it in IMMEDIATELY with all the relevant documentation.

Yvette Adshead

It is illegal to rent to somebody if the rent is more than 30% of the prospective tenant's income. This would explain why it is difficult for single mothers without a job to find appropriate housing. …

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