Art of Inspiring Others; USC Lifts the Veil on the Creative Process,reports Fiona Willett

Article excerpt

RARELY is the public able to glimpse artistic masters at work.

But when the veil is lifted, what is revealed is insightful, interesting and inspiring.

True Stories from the Studio is an exhibition which takes the work of practising visuals arts teachers from behind closed workshop doors and into the scrutiny of the public eye a including their students.

The collection is a mixed-medium showcase aimed to delight and inspire arts enthusiasts, gallery-goers and students alike.

The show, which has its final day today at the University of the Sunshine Coast Art Gallery, will exhibit the finest work from nine of the visual arts teaching staff at the Noosa TAFE campus.

USC Gallery curator Dawn Oelrich said the show had been gradually developed between the TAFE and the university gallery for the past 18 months.

aThis was a great opportunity for the artists to show their studio work outside of the classroom, because their students may not be aware of what their practice is really like,a Oelrich said.

The exhibition aims to showcase the real lives of art teachers who get to experience the best of both worlds a simultaneously working as professional artists and teaching their craft each week to budding creative minds.

aThey had the opportunity to discuss with students and get student input and therefore had the chance to combine practice and teaching,a Oelrich said.

aIt has worked really well for them. They liked having the experience of being in the studio as well as educating others.a

True Stories from the Studio showcases the full spectrum of art media and methods, allowing those with an interest in visual arts to explore the many styles.

aWe have samples of painting, ceramic, installation and construction,a Oelrich said. …


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