Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

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Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

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Byline: Charlotte O' Sullivan

THE BIG WEDDING Cert 15, 89 mins IS IT possible for a 21st-century romcom to star Diane Keaton and be thrilling? The patron saint of flaky flibbertigibbets, the 67-year-old actress used to be hilarious. These days, sadly, her presence guarantees that what you are about to see will induce groans.

And so it goes, here. Keaton is hippy dippy Ellie, forced to pretend, when her adopted son gets married, that she's still with her ex, Don (Robert De Niro), the cynical sculptor who left her for another woman, years before. She'll have to move back into their palatial Connecticut home. She and Don may even have to share a bed.

The plot is based on a French-Swiss farce and (in that it wants to show middle-aged women can be sexy) is reminiscent of It's Complicated, Something's Gotta Give and Mamma Mia!. I wanted to root for Ellie. Yet the film is so smug and cack-handed I found myself wishing, instead, that she and her whole family would get struck down by E. coli. Big wedding? Big fat nothing, more like.

THE COMEDIAN Cert 15, 80 mins IF YOU like slow-burning British dramas full of unplugged acting and faltering, authentic dialogue, then hunt down Tom Shkolnik's debut. Edward Hogg is superb as titular comedian Ed, a seething stand-up who can't, or won't, stand up for himself. Film newcomer Nathan Stewart-Jarrett is equally good as the sweet artist who (on the top deck of a bus) demonstrates why some fights are worth having. Hogg fans may worry that their man is becoming stuck in a psycho-waif rut (if you've seen Ollie Kepler's Expanding Purple World, you'll know what I mean). It may well be time for Hogg to try something new; still and all, The Comedian is an excruciating little joy.

EVERYONE HAS A PLAN Cert 15, 118 mins ANA Piterbarg's empty, implausible, interminable Argentinian neo-noir seems put on this earth purely to show off Viggo Mortensen's Spanish accent (it's excellent; well done, Viggo). …

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