Adventurera[euro][TM]s Calling in; Solo Sailor to Tell of His Personal Mission for a Tribe in Papua New Guinea

Article excerpt

WEEKS out at sea, no one in sight, as much fresh air as you can breathe, and hoping the fish bite so you can have your next meal a there is nothing better in life for one Aussie.

Craig aCrackersa Hand lives for adventure, and is travelling along the coast from Darwin to Brisbane in his 15-foot fibreglass boat.

He will dock at Tin Can Bay on Friday and will speak about his adventures at the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club at 7pm.

Craig has spent the past 12 months on The Little Red Boat, making the odd trip to land to visit communities and schools, spreading the word about his charity, something he speaks so passionately about.

But his charity only came to light after one journey in 2008, which had an astounding impact on this ageless adventurer.

Four years ago Craig wanted to do something exciting with his life, and thatas when he got the bold idea to take his tiny fishing boat across Torres Strait.

But no one could have guessed what Craig would stumble across when he landed on the other side of the Strait.

Craig was only the sixth white man the Sibidiri tribe in Papua New Guinea had set their eyes on, when the Aussie landed in their territory.

This chance encounter in a remote area of the south western region of the island would change Craigas life, and the life of his newfound friends.

In one of his many trips back to see the tribe, Craig went without our modern luxuries, and he says it was a nice way to live for a while.

The tribe took Craig in as family and have shown him their survival methods, such as how to hunt and how to eat everything from crocodiles to snakes and even cassowary.

After returning to Australia, Craig couldnat help but think about where his adventure had led him and how he could help his tribal family. …


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