Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

Helen,COs Eyes on No.1 Fighter Honour

Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

Helen,COs Eyes on No.1 Fighter Honour

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Erin Smith


ROGER Federer had it, Tiger Woods had it, Ian Thorpe and Muhammad Ali had it as well.

And 23-year-old Clifton mother-of-one Helen Malone is positive that one day soon she too will hold a world number one ranking.

She is only slightly taller than the average Australian female and generally weighs around 63kg.

But Helen C[pounds sterling]HellraiserC[yen] Malone is far tougher than your average female, and much stronger too.

And she is determined to work her way up from her current world number 10 ranking to be the female world number one mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

Malone grew up with two older brothers and spent a fair amount of her childhood trying to prove that she was just as tough, if not tougher.

C[pounds sterling]I used to count trophies with my brothers, but we stopped counting when I was 12 because I had overtaken them, even though they were five years older than me,C[yen] Malone said.

C[pounds sterling]So now we donCOt talk about trophy counting.

C[pounds sterling]I have done athletics, netball, soccer and rugby league, you name the sport and I pretty much have a trophy for it.

C[pounds sterling]I have played rough sports such as rugby league since I was five.C[yen]

In fact, this is the first year Malone has not played rugby league.

She gave it up so she could focus on reaching her number one goal, a dream that only came into focus four years ago.

C[pounds sterling]It started off after I had my son, I did a bit of self-defence at the PCYC,C[yen] Malone said.

C[pounds sterling]Even though it was classed as MMA I was more into the self-defence side.C[yen]

But it did not take long for Malone to find her feet and realise that she had some talent in the boxing ring.

C[pounds sterling]They asked me to do a few amateur comps and I ended up beating all the guys and the girls, even one who was 126kg,C[yen] Malone said.

C[pounds sterling]Once I beat her I said, if I could beat someone double my weight, imagine what I could do to someone my own weight.C[yen]

Malone has fought at several events around the country; emerging from all of them undefeated and practically untouched. …

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