Newspaper article Fraser Coast Chronicle (Hervey Bay, Australia)

Volunteer for Life

Newspaper article Fraser Coast Chronicle (Hervey Bay, Australia)

Volunteer for Life

Article excerpt

with Rob Whately

THE dreaded sausage sizzle, jersey washing roster or the canteen duty.

They are the thankless tasks that get performed week in, week out in clubs across Australia.

I think most parents probably fall in to four categories when it comes to volunteering.

Casper the Ghost; They are quite often seen dropping their child off at the gate and generally returning to collect them.

You think that you see them at the game but when you head towards them they seem to vanish. Never on the volunteer list and most wouldnat know their name.

Fred Flintstone: Very loud and you always know where they are. Constantly talk about the club, the team but never willing to do anything to help. Most people have given up asking them. Always have an issue that should be fixed, as long as it is not by them. More seen in males with prehistoric views but they can be forced into helping through guilt.

Clark Kent: They are always willing to assist in any way, but only if you ask them. They wonat tread on anyoneas feet or impose themselves but can be super to have around. Will put their name on the rosters and step in whenever needed.

Superman: Ready to leap over the next hurdle, quite often leading the charge. Will see more of the club then their house some weeks and generally most of the family is involved in the club. Everyone thinks they know them but more often than not they donat as they are too busy to relax and be known. They have their weaknesses but generally the life blood of the club and without them it does not survive.

Most clubs in todayas climate run on Supermen (probably super women more than likely but I donat know her alter ego) to survive.

They never see Casper, while Fred is too hard to deal with and they think the Clarks will turn into Casperas if they are asked to do something.

We have all seen this situation and the result is that the Supermen get burned out over a couple of years of doing everything and being underappreciated. …

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