Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-U 2

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-U 2

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Byline: Kevin Upright



When is baseball going to wake up?

I love everything about baseball. It is awesome, but c'mon guys. Those in power need to figure this out after all these years.

I'm talking about the suspension that was handed down to PITCHER Ian Kennedy.

Everybody sees that he got dinged for 10 games and people say, "Boy, they really lowered the boom on him. They came down hard."

No they didn't.

He is a pitcher, not an everyday player. That means he will probably miss two starts. TWO for throwing at the head of Zack Greinke. An awful and gutless act that deserves a big penalty. That I agree with, but when are baseball officials - most of whom played the game, so they know this - going to realize that a 10-game suspension for a pitcher is nothing. For eight of those 10 games, he wasn't going to play anyway. Way to hit him hard, boys.

It would be like banning you from your favorite restaurant when you are out of town on vacation. …

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