Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Get on Your Running Shoes

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Get on Your Running Shoes

Article excerpt

RUNNING is an amazing thing. It is natural, it is the reason that humans have survived for millions of years and all you need is a pair of shoes (and some clothes, if you choose to wear them).

You can do it anywhere, at any time, with anyone. You can run fast, slow, or somewhere in between.

It is just one of those sports that comes with a certain freedom, a certain element of getting back to nature and becoming one with the Earth.

You need zero sporting talent, all you really need is to be able to breath.

So, why donCOt more people do it? One, because they have never tried it, and two, because when they do, it can actually hurt a little bit.

Your first few runs will be hard on your feet, you will wake up a bit sore the next morning, and you might even sweat a little.

In saying that, running gets your blood pumping, it burns calories and if you do it for long enough, you will definitely experience the runnerCOs high Co something I had heard about, but had not experienced until about four years after doing my first serious run Co it is an amazing thing, when you feel like you are floating and could run to Perth. …

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