Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Blackout Threat Produced Light Bulb Moment

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Blackout Threat Produced Light Bulb Moment

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THIS week's news we could soon be reverting to the dark ages, (aka the 70s) when blackouts were a regular occurrence, has widely been regarded as something to kick up a fuss about.

Putting measures in place to ensure an unwavering current of electricity continues to power our 21st Century lives without interruption seems to be the required action, according to the vast majority... but I think those having a stampy-footed tantrum are missing a trick.

In fact, going further, I'm starting to think it would be no bad thing to have two-hour power cut-of-sorts worked into our daily routine.

The seeds of this notion were first sewn a year to yesterday when the social-media-melting Toon Flood washed its way into our lives - as well as local legend, of course. That was the first time I became aware of one of our house's many quirks.

You see if it rains hard enough to overwhelm our drainage facilities, our electric sockets become as useless as a pair of shoes which don't flash. (In other quirky Telfer Towers trivia, the kids' toilet has a mind of its own when flushed. It also has a bright orange seat, but let's park that subject for another day) So when Toon Flood got the world's attention on June 28, 2012...

we were without CBEEBIEs for a whole evening, and I don't mind telling you that Big Bro Fred was utterly bereft.

At this point on my existence timeline, I would have been more likely to smear the TV and associated screen devices with Petit Filous than take notice of what was playing on them, but I remember sensing something serious must have been afoot to have dissolved Fred's default sunniness.

So while Mum was panicking about the previous weekend's batchcooking efforts which would be rendered useless now the freezer was on a mission to defrost itself, Fred was wandering around like he'd lost a purple Jelly Tot and found a green one. …

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