Getting a Multicultural Education at Bangalow Public School

Article excerpt


GETTING a multicultural education is not just about learning a language but learning about a total culture. In Bangalow we are lucky; we have an ESL teacher who assists kids who have come from other countries and now call Bangalow home, a Japanese teacher who immerses us in fantastic cultural and language experiences and old students who come back from great adventures in places like Tanzania and share their knowledge with us.

To get to know what it is like to experience living in a different country I decided to interview one of my classmates, Charlie Anthonys who lived in Abu Dhabi for three years. I asked her what was different about her life there. aA lot of Muslim people wear clothes that donat show any skin, sometimes you wouldnat even be able to see their face. Although so much about life there was different it was good because most people spoke English and so this made it a lot easier to fit in,a she shared. Charlieas experience was much better because of Abu Dhabias multicultural education in language as English is taught in most schools. aIt was a bit difficult at the start having to get used to all the different things like driving on a different side of the road and living in a compound. …


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