Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

New System Is Rubbished

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

New System Is Rubbished

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Byline: Chris Calcino

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New service for us in Derrymore area. Bins not collected on the day. Rang council twice. aItas getting sorted...a But when, I do not know lol. Meanwhile bins are full and we now get charged to take the rubbish to our local dump... so bins will be staying full until picked up.

a[pounds sterling] Milla Jay

Got caught out last week our bin was left full. No notice given that it wasnat being emptied or that our recycling/green waste schedule changed. Was rectified by Tuesday but still meant full bin all weekend.

a[pounds sterling] Theresa Young

We got a notice, so put our bin out on the day advised, but they never got collected! So ours is overflowing since it's been over a week and a half now. Meant to be collecting today so fingers crossed!

a[pounds sterling] Gina Thompson

Well after a phone call to council as my bin had not been emptied and I find out that the day hadnat been changed, I said, oh well the bin will just stay there all week. Funny that then the rubbish man comes along later that day.

a[pounds sterling] Rosemary Jensen

No hassle in Drayton but I hope you all just be a little patient you know it is hard to remember the change when itas been years of the same day? Maybe if youare not sure stick it out early? Might be untidy for a few weeks but better than missing bin day?

a[pounds sterling] Jennette Grant

Rockville, changed time and order of collection. No notice so missed recycling. Put it on the other side of the road so hopefully it will get collected because it is over full.

a[pounds sterling] Amanda Russell

HUNDREDS of irate residents have called the council after the initial rollout of its new region-wide rubbish pick-up scheme produced less than stellar results.

Notices informing households of changes to kerbside collection days have blown away in the wind, been dropped in the wrong letterboxes or been confused for junk mail and, ironically, thrown straight into the recycling bin. …

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