Economics Is No Reason to Stay in the EU; OPINION

Article excerpt

Byline: Peter Troy

TONY Blair, to judge from his comments in a piece in the London Evening Standard, has reached new heights of contradiction.

Even within its own terms, Blair's argument that the UK must remain in the EU seems incoherent to some I have spoken to, where I live, in his former constituency of Sedgefield. Mr Blair concedes that the European Union is the world's largest economic market and biggest political union and then later in the same article argues that we should stay in it for economic reasons. Curiously adding it is "not actually about big power politics''.

This, of course, is from a former prime minister whose government took us to the brink of economic collapse by presiding over the huge expansion of the bloated, unaccountable, unaffordable public sector, a man who brought WMD to its degree of prominence in the English language and who so misjudged the situation in Southern Iraq, liberated by British troops, that we had to suffer six years of insurgency as well as abject and embarrassing military failure.

What comes over very clearly now is that the man's judgement has not improved in the slightest; on another political mission and any spin will do. Thus he pours water on the idea also promoted by our current Prime Minister that other EU member states are not going to agree to us remaining members of the single market after leaving the EU. …


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