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Rants & Raves

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Rants & Raves

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Major kudos to The Rev. John Guns (who recently announced the "Fathers Calling Fathers" event to help 10- to 18-year-old boys make better decisions instead of becoming a crime statistic),

Judge Ruth and Mayor Brown. I was so hoping that President Obama was going to make this a focal point of his administration. Reaching the children of today solves many of the issues of tomorrow.

Someone looked up to as much as President Obama is by today's male population could have a major impact on their values.


Been retired from Duval schools for couple of years so I have no hidden agenda but from what I hear from current employees is distressing.

Mass confusion and incompetency seems to describe schools Superintendent Nikolai Vitti's regime. The people he brought in to replace the incompetents that were here seem to be even worse. Look at the textbook foul-up as one example.

The workload has increased and continues to increase on some people who have not had raises in a couple of years. The changes just for the sake of change have not produced one single improvement for the children.

Changing guidelines to show false improvement in student success is a sham as we will see down the road. Morale is at an all-time low similar to the (Superintendent Herb) Sang years I remember.

The School Board's lack of leadership is astounding. Vitti will leave shortly for Tallahassee leaving another mess for administrators and teachers to clean up and again the children suffer.

Have we not learned anything over the years here in Duval?

Apparently not as the crime seems to reflect.


The class size amendment, which limits K-3 grade classes to 18 students and 4-8 grade classes to 22, is still in effect. …

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