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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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"Exceptionalism" - A rave for Russian President Putin and the New York Times for addressing this term in each other's media. President Putin addressed the meaning as possibly that of thinking we are somehow inherently better or superior to all other people and countries in the world which is a dangerous way of thinking. The N.Y. Times suggested that the better way to express exceptionalism would be for Russia and the U.S. to work together to banish the use of Syrian chemical weapons in that civil war. I agree with the latter. Exceptionalism is as Exceptionalism does.

A Google search explains that term as the theory stemming from Alexis de Tocqueville 1831 and 1840 to describe a uniquely American ideology based on liberty referred to as "American Exceptionalism." The term doesn't necessarily imply superiority but many neoconservatives and conservative writers use it this way: The U.S. is like the biblical shining "city upon a hill" and exempt from historical forces that affected other countries.

It has become required that politicians of all stripes constantly use the term or be labeled anti-American, hence our president's using it in his speech on using military force against Syria.


It's sad that a local woman and her daughter were struck on the eve of Yom Kippur, only to have the daughter make it alive and her mother was pronounced dead on the scene. This area is full of pedestrians, especially on the Sabbath. I grew up in this area for many years, and I rode my bike all the time, especially when crossing the street. Drivers need to be aware that pedestrians have the right of way, and if they're walking and the light changes, the pedestrians have the right to finish crossing. What's worse, this has happened before, in 2006, at Kori Road and San Jose. Please, respect those who are trying to cross the street, especially on Fridays and Saturdays due to the Sabbath.


A growing number of young Americans support socialism over capitalism. The best approach is a mixed economy that takes the best ideas from both capitalism and socialism. …

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