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Rants & Raves

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Rants & Raves

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I yearn for today's Republican Party to return to that GOP of Eisenhower. When he faced a recession, he didn't wring his hands and say we had to cut government, cut spending, cut Social Security, and cut taxes for the wealthy elite in hopes of a trickle down, which never happens. No, he proposed a great vision to build a very expensive Interstate Highway System, which would get workers back to work and businesses back to profitability and make the country stronger. He didn't propose tolls for users, instead he proposed a gasoline tax increase to pay for the decades-long project. It worked. In his farewell speech he not only warned us of the danger and power of the military industrial complex, he also warned the Republican Party against those extremely conservative Texas Republicans who still wanted to eliminate Social Security, the whole New Deal, and all the progress we had made in the 20th century.


How long will the patrons of restaurants be forced to pay part of the employees' wages? The minimum wage doesn't apply to waitstaff; the tips are supposed to bring the hourly wage up to meet the minimum. Let the owner of the place start paying his own employees. It's the only business I can think of where the customer has to pay a part of the employees' wages. If the owner thinks the waitstaff is deserving of a big tip, let the owner tip them. I refuse to buy into this nonsense. If a person wants a job where the pay is dependent on the generosity of the patrons, so be it; that would be bad judgment. Who came up with this plan, anyhow?


While my heart goes out to the family of the woman killed while crossing San Jose Blvd., I can't help but think that God would make an exception for them to be able to use the walking signal button in order for them to safely walk across the 8 lanes and the median on their way to their synagogue. With all due respect to their religion, I think it is ridiculous to want the city to provide a new crosswalk or police protection when the proper equipment is already in place to get them safely across the street. …

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