Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Working Class Men Are No More

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Working Class Men Are No More

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HERE'S hoping there's a decent evening movie to watch tomorrow, because scanning The Chronicle's TV guide thus far has failed to put forward much viewing interest.

With apologies to Eagles and Roosters fans, who but the staunchest of Eagles and Roosters fans would be watching the NRL final?

Are there two more disliked teams in the NRL?

Take Manly... please!

First of all, well, they're Manly.

The Silvertails have worn the mantle as the most hated team in the league since Rex Mossop was donning the maroon and white.

In pre-Broncos days, there was a saying that every Sydney rugby league fan supported two teams, their's and the team that was playing Manly.

Not a lot has changed, though for some, the Broncos have taken some of the pressure off Manly.

Mostly, the opposition to Manly derived from the fact rugby league was seen as the working man's game and yet the boys from the North Shore had most of the money to throw around.

It could be seen as somewhat ironic then that in tomorrow's grand final, Manly comes up against the Sydney Roosters, the club which splashed out an undisclosed sum of cash on All Black Sonny "Here's My" Bill Williams.

The amount of money running around on the Olympic Stadium turf tomorrow night makes a mockery of the sport not so long ago touted as the game of the working class.

Perhaps it should be "The game of the working class viewer".

At least my beloved St George/Illawarra Dragons remain steeped in working class tradition.

Finishing third last on the NRL table and then - by Sydney media reports - sticking out their hand for a cash injection from the NRL, how much more working class could they be?

Rather than looking for a hand-out from the NRL, the Dragons should look to the AFL where clubs obviously have access to a bottomless cash pit. …

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