Wartime Address Stirs Golf Club Committee; Part Nine of the City Golf Club's Compelling History

Article excerpt

FOLLOWING the Nazi attack on Poland on September 1, 1939, England promptly declared war on Germany and Australia followed the mother country, entering the war on September 3.

At the following night's committee meeting of the City Golf Club, First World War veteran and Club President, Leslie Boyce delivered the following stirring address to the members of his committee:

"Gentlemen, I know you are all thinking of the war and the tragedy that has fallen across Europe.

"None of us sought this war.

"Now that we are in it, we must, and will, win it.

"Beside such events, the affairs of this City Golf Club may seem of little importance, and I know that at first thought it will seem strange to you to be applying yourselves to the business before you while there cannot fail to be prominent in your minds the thought of this war and all that it means.

"We must all remember, however, that the ability of the nation to prosecute and to win this war will depend upon the staying power of the nation, and the staying power of the nation consists in its economic activity and productivity and their maintenance, and the maintenance of the hearts and spirit of the determination of the people.

"To this end I am convinced that our first duty at this stage is to carry on.

"That applies not only to the affairs of the Golf Club, but to all the manifold occupations of the people. …


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