Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Alfa Not Shy but Definitely Retiring

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Alfa Not Shy but Definitely Retiring

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Byline: Steve Orme

RETIREMENT, according to research, may be bad for men.

You may be at an age when contemplation is being given to long afternoons nursing a pint of mild in the pub or standing in the high street shouting at traffic but all that will happen is your inevitable demise will be hastened.

Apparently a lack of mental stimulation causes synaptic slowing down and the loss of primal hunter function diminishes self-worth.

You may have visions of developing a nasty old git alter ego which has small children running past your house but reality is heading for a rousing rendition of Abide With Me and a widow in floaty M&S skirts spending your hard earned in garden centre cafes.

It does not have to be like this. Fight back, men of a certain age. Starting with your car.

The temptation is to proudly breast the finishing tape of working life, accept the Argos vouchers and work out what needs to be downsized. Starting with personal transport.

A little runabout. Words to strike terror into the heart of bloke retaining above level three testosterone. If you want a runabout take up jogging.

Why compromise? There will be no compunction to drive at peak times, enjoyment of the open road can be taken when everyone else is at home, even in bed. After all, with malfunctioning man plumbing you are going to be up half the night anyway.

There's plenty of interesting stuff out there. You could go for a Veloster Turbo with its crazy third door as befits an age when absentmindedly going out in carpet slippers is excusable. Or a Megane GT diesel which combines style with pension-stretching mpg.

My suggestion today is a combination of Italian incorrigibility, cost and performance moderation. Go all Berlusconi in your dotage with an Alfa Giuiletta.

A good compromise in the range is the 140bhp two-litre JTD Lusso costing PS21,250 rising to PS23,520 if you insist on leather upholstery, paint options and even PS20 for the refrigerated glove box which, in a most un-European way, won't fit a wine bottle. …

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