Arthur's Love of India on the Money; Cricket Fan Turns Author of a Book about the Sub-Continent's History Though Coins

Article excerpt

Byline: Jay Buchan

THE only reason he doesn't live in Ipswich is because they changed the boundaries.

Former Ipswich cricket umpire and Karana Downs resident Arthur Needham knows all about historical political boundaries, here and afar.

Needham is in the process of having a book published about ancient Indian coins.

Entitled The Silver Rupees in the Name of the Mughal Emperors, the text opens many pages into the history of the sub-continent.

Cricket has brought great joy and some despair to Mr Needham, who has represented Queensland at over 60s level.

"Because of cricket in India, I became extremely interested in the history of India," Mr Needham said.

"Especially the British history of India, which led me to its earlier history, much of which is written on coins.

"But (the information on) coins was not accessible to many people because it was written in Persian."

The difference between this and any other text on ancient coins is that the photos of the coins have been colour-coded to reveal what the inscriptions mean.

They stand for the reigning ruler, the date, an official stamp of authenticity and more.

The coins Mr Needham is dealing with generally date back to the early 1700s, but some reach as far back as 450years. …


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