Bob Dylan Does an Olivia Newton-John Cover

Article excerpt

THOSE of us mature enough to remember the songs of the a[approximately]60s would recall the string of hits recorded by Olivia Newton-John, one of which was If Not For You.

Who would have envisaged the re-release of the song after all this time, by none other than Bob Dylan.

It is included in his new CD set, Another Self Portrait, released on the Bootleg label featuring songs from the 1969-a[approximately]71 era.

This is a double album set, boasting an incredible 35 tracks.

While being the first to admit that Mr Dylan is not usually classified as a country singer, I think the number of country sounding songs in the set may see it scrape in.

Born on May 24, 1941 in Minnesota, Robert Allen Zimmerman alias Bob Dylan's style defies description, touching on folk, country, blue, pop, and whatever other genre you care to mention, with the possible exception of opera, (although no one would be surprised if he burst out with an aria or two). He is best described as different. His first contact with music as a performer was in his college days when his main interest was in country and folk music, branching out into the pop and rock and roll fields a little later. …