Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

The End Is Nigh - So Why Not Enjoy a Cee'd GT?

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

The End Is Nigh - So Why Not Enjoy a Cee'd GT?

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Byline: Steve Orme

WELL that's it then. Global warming is our fault and we are all essentially dead men walking.

By the end of the century sea levels will have risen by as much as a lot less than a metre and civilisation is likely to be ended by trench foot.

Forget sarin gas and nukes, it's the weather of mass destruction we must fear.

Hardly surprising really. Humans are most adept at begetting humans. The planet is like a sub continent commuter train; the carriage is full and now people are sitting on the roof.

Mind you, with an 80 year leadin, dealing with an extra half-metre of sea water shouldn't be beyond a civilisation with aspirations to colonise Mars.

This despite years of hair shirt cars to induce a guilty itch that we dared not to take the train, ride a bike or indeed stay at home worrying about the fate of badgers.

We have been assaulted by a plethora of back to basics cars with all the appeal of a biscuit tin but with consumption promises edging on unreal.

Because in the real world they are. Cars where less is more. Cars with so much easy to recycle hard plastic that sitting in one is like waking up in Toy Story II.

We were warned, we didn't listen, now all that is left is to enjoy what's left of life. That and brush up on our breast stroke.

However, a suggestion. Forget conscience, slip into a car akin to cupping a sly ciggy in your hand by the kitchen door. A mid-sized hot hatch.

For as long as anyone can remember this has been the domain of Focus, Golf and Astra. The French have Renaultsport but prejudice calls for a VW, Ford or Vauxhall badge.

Enter Kia and its grammatically challenged pro_cee'd T-GDi GT. For a packet of kingsized less than PS20,000 you get a petrol, yes petrol, engined 201bhp, six-speed three door which shamelessly emits 171g/ km of soot and costs a conspicuously consumptive PS285 a year to tax. …

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