Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Teen Left out in A[euro][approximately]big Chill'

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Teen Left out in A[euro][approximately]big Chill'

Article excerpt

Byline: Undercover Mum

"WHY do some girls have to be so mean?" my daughter asked as she threw herself into the car after school.

This year she has been on the receiving end of some nastiness from old friends who don't like her talking to girls in another "group".

Yes, it really is as petty as it sounds but it is a huge issue when you are 16 years of age.

Miss 16 is in "trouble" with her friends for talking to girls not deemed cool enough to be in their group. And when they find out she's been socialising with them out of school that is a whole different level of trouble.

Not that they ever say too much to her face. Oh no, teenage girls are the masters of the freeze-out technique.

The big chill is usually started by one or two girls and then everyone has to choose a "side". The exiled friend and her couple of brave supporters are then frozen out of social events, conversations and even their spot in the lunch area.

So what did she do wrong? At the start of the year Miss 16 decided to broaden her circle of friends so that by the end of Year 12 she would have a wider and more varied group of mates instead of the tight-knit but controlling group she'd spent most of Year 11 with.

There was no break up or major falling out. She still likes these girls (most of the time) but once the old friends saw her talking to different people the "freeze out" and bitchiness began.

Miss 16 asked me if it was like that when I went to school and at first I was certain that it was not but then I took off the rose-coloured glasses and really thought about my high school days.

There were always those unwritten rules about who could be friends with whom and who was cool, who was deemed to be popular and who was

not and never would be.

Then I had to ask myself the hard question: Was I ever a mean girl? …

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