Here Today, Gone Tomorrow; an Extinct Species Is Gone Forever, So It's Important We Play Our Part in Protecting the Environment

Article excerpt

ANYTHING that lives can become extinct. The world has many species that are at risk of becoming extinct. They may be here today but gone tomorrow. Why is this happening and what might happen as a result of some species dying out?


A species of animal or plant becomes extinct when there are no more left. An extinct species is gone forever.

Extinction is a normal part of the changing natural world but it is happening faster than ever before.

According to scientists' estimates, the rate of extinction throughout the world is somewhere between one and five species per year. Scientists around the world keep a watch on different plant and animal populations.

The number of each species is recorded and sorted into categories.

Extinct - there are no more left in the species, none have been found for more than 50 years.

Extinct in the wild - these species are known only to survive in human care.

Critically endangered - the species is facing an extremely high risk of being extinct very soon.

Endangered - a species is in danger of becoming extinct.

Vulnerable - the species is not yet classified as endangered but numbers are continuing to drop.


Extinctions happen because of some kind of change in the environment where a life form lives. …


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