Emerald Grazier Rhonda Ryan Has Hit Back at Claims by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Australia's Desmond Bellamy That Australians Must Move to Vegan Foods to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Article excerpt

I could not let special projects co-ordinator for , Desmond Bellamy's letter TMB29/10/2013 go unanswered.

He knows of "an absolute link between climate change, bushfires and ... meat and other animal-based foods."

His solution to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and stop bushfires is for everyone to become vegans, not just vegetarians but vegans.

I would like to ask the question, actually a couple, what does PETA suggest is to become of the animals that are so environmentally catastrophic for this planet-the belching and farting cattle and sheep?

As they are so toxic to this earth, are they to be destroyed?

If they are not to be destroyed, what becomes of them?

Remember, Desmond knows of "an absolute link between climate change and meat and other animal-based foods", I am assuming the other animal- based foods that are so environmentally toxic are eggs, milk, cream and their derivatives.

So if we cannot consume meat and other animal-based foods and manage the animals, does the population of belching, farting cattle and sheep multiply, unmanaged, along with their feathered friends, the chooks or will they all be disposed of, "ethically" of course, because isn't that what PETA stands for -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ?

The next question I ponder on is -- if more country needs to be put under the plough to grow more vegetarian food, where is the "ethical" treatment of the increased number of birds, small mammals and reptiles etc that will lose their habitat and be killed in the production of crops for food? …


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