Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

It's Time We Learned the Truth over JFK

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

It's Time We Learned the Truth over JFK

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FIFTY years after the assassination of President John F Kennedy and it seems most of America is none the wiser as to who was behind the killing.

Although the official enquiry into his death concluded Lee Harvey Oswald was solely responsible, millions believe the Russian defector was the fall guy for a much bigger conspiracy.

Members on the infamous Warren Commission were clearly lied to, even conned in to their conclusion.

Astonishingly of the 552 witnesses most of their evidence was heard by less than half of the panel in person and only one of 94 testimonies was given in front of everyone on the commission.

Key witnesses, including Bill and Gayle Newman who stood just 10 feet from Kennedy when the fatal bullet struck, were never called.

When I recently spoke to Bill he was still as baffled today as he was in 1963 as to why he or countless others were not asked to appear, considering their front row seats to history.

Questions such as why the CIA was so interested in Oswald or why the FBI was so responsive when he demanded to see its agents while in a New Orleans jail in August 1963, do little to placate their roles.

But then, combined with the widely held belief President Lyndon Johnson and FBI director Edgar Hoover decided within 48 hours of the assassination what the Commission would find, there is little wonder the American people feel they have been let down.

With such an extensive list of failings, it is understandable why the Commission is so derided to this day.

But as tomorrow sees the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's death the fascination with America's 35th president is as strong today as ever.

In the time since his murder it is incredible how the reverence for him has increased when so much about his life has come out.

Kennedy was a reckless womaniser, he had little success getting legislation passed and was viewed as antagonistic towards the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King. …

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