Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

There Would Have Been Laughter in That Pub and Then, in a Twinkling, Carnage

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

There Would Have Been Laughter in That Pub and Then, in a Twinkling, Carnage

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AS I'm writing this, sad details of the horrific helicopter crash in Glasgow are still coming in.

There would have been laughter in that pub, friendship and live music played by musicians who only wanted to entertain.

Then, in a twinkling, carnage. But the men and women of Glasgow did not run from danger.

Instead they ran towards it, disregarding their own safety in their determination to rescue survivors.

Glasgow has a reputation as a hard city but it's heart is obviously in the right place.

ONCE upon a time public opinion was not only censorious, it was downright cruel and I applauded change.

Now, I'm wondering if perhaps tolerance has gone too far. As the Lawson/Saatchi saga unfolds we are watching a relationship rent asunder by people who can hardly claim they were entirely free from blame.

In some ways, it mirrors the Huhne/Price scenario, marital secrets spilling out regardless of the hurt that may be inflicted. The men and women of What will the consequences be for Nigella and Charles if their story continues to follow the Huhne/ Price format? Glasgow did not run from danger. Well, Charles will get a Guardian column, a well-paid executive job and be shmoozed by Paxman and Neil.

Nigella will appear on Question Time and almost every other BBC programme and tell us, as Vicki did last week, 'I get stopped in the street-people hugging me-both men and women. If I tell you what they're saying it sounds congratulatory but there's a lot of sympathy. People shake my hand and say 'Well done!' THIS coalition seems unable to foresee consequences.

Removing benefit from people whose only crime is to have a spare room was bound to end in tears.

Nearly three quarters of housing association staff say their tenants are falling behind on rent, many due to the spare room tax.

Media sources say letters from some authorities include the threat of eviction leading to children being taken into care.

"We must make you aware that if there are children at your property, a referral has now been made to Social Services as the children at your home are now at risk of becoming homeless."

If that report is true, it's disgraceful.

Even the notorious Family Court would shrink from removing children for such a reason.

If councils evicted, they would have to rehouse the family so the whole thing becomes a nonsense. Can't someone see sense and call a halt to it now? LAST year the number of UK bankers, usually Londonbased, earning at least PS833,200 rose to more than 2,700, 12 times more than any other country in the EU.

Aged 18, I opened an account and the bank stood by me through the years.

When I was widowed the friendly bank manager gave me a Budget Account, which allowed me to pay bills without having any money.

He saw me through remarriage, the collapse of my new husband's business and the establishment of my own. …

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