Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-U 2

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-U 2

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Byline: Kevin Upright



I'm sure this is going to make me sound like an old fuddy-duddy but I can't take it anymore.

Today's athlete is a spoiled - "look at me, everyone" - and entitled punk. Now, I'm not throwing a blanket on all athletes. There are plenty of good ones out there.

But football players in particular are driving me nuts and have done so for years.

They make tackles (like defenders are supposed to do) then get up and celebrate like they have won the Super Bowl. But check the scoreboard, and it shows their team is trailing by 10 points. It's crazy.

A perfect example was last week when the Steelers were playing the Bills. Now I'm not singling out the Bills because it happens on lots of teams. But there were 3 seconds left in the game, and Pittsburgh was ahead 23-3. So some receiver for the Bills catches a touchdown pass, which doesn't really mean anything to the outcome of the game. …

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